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Jan 26, 2022

Pond work update!
Things have suddenly moved forward fast in that further pond works are to start at 8am next Monday. Yes, that’s Monday 31st January!
SCC have contracted an ecology company to bring a large floating excavator and vacuum pump. This will be on the pond dredging and creating both deeper and shallow areas.
A fish nursery area is to be created along with a shallow area for newts and bugs etc.
Areas of willow both within the pond and around the pond are to be removed along with lilies and other non-native/invasive plants.
All excavations will remain on site with most being deposited on the island and some around the banks to reinforce them.
In the short term this will not look particularly pretty!
However, when completed and following some grow back the life of the pond will be hugely increased as will the diversity, habitats etc. There will also be variable depths too for fish and will enhance fishing, as well as new platform areas.
As yet, no update on fish stocking but it is likely to be native species. Will add further updates as we get them.
Thanks for your ongoing support and patience, we are really excited to restore the pond and secure its future for many more generations.
Sholing valleys Study Centre Association, Environment Agency and Southampton County Council.

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