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Our first Big Book of Spring has arrived!

Spring 2022 was, in many ways, a unique one. After two years of lockdowns, restrictions and social distancing policies, we all able to start coming back together again. Just as the world begins to wake up to the sensations of warming weather and longer days, we started once again to enjoy the seasons together. For us at Sholing Valleys Study Centre, this meant finally being able to run our annual Spring Fayre in May 2022 after numerous cancellations. To mark the occasion, local artist and SV volunteer Rae Turpin set to inviting all visitors to capture what Spring meant to them.

The results have been curated into Sholing Valley’s first Big Book of Spring! Pages of drawings, paintings, prints and other imaginings capturing everything from luscious green grass to welcoming new young wildlife. It makes for a lovely collection to mark the occasion, and celebrate the nature reserve.

The book is available to order online for a limited time via this link. You can also flip through the entirety of the book here too, so if you remember contributing to the book, be sure to have a peep!

As the books are currently only available on a print by order basis, we apologise that they are currently not as affordable as we would wish it to be. We hope that in the future we will be able to find a different supplier to allow us to bulk order some copies if there is enough advance interest - so do let us know your thoughts, feedback and if you have any interest in follow up projects!

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