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Free conservation training

We are in the process of writing an application for funding from Uni of Southampton's Public & Community Engagement projects.

What we want to do: Offer several free training sessions on the site for species ID, and some good understanding for the life cycles of species and their roles within ecosystem.

What we want to achieve: This could be an awesome opportunity for us to help improve local people’s understanding of wildlife, help us better manage the site, and deliver some great sessions for young people with what we learn.

What are we asking of you: If you're interested in learning more about wildlife (from the biggest trees to the smallest bugs, and all the life in between) please either message us here, or email us at for more details.

We'd like to know about you. Please answer these questions in your message: How old are you? Where do you live? Do you have experience with conservation groups? What's your motivation for joining the project?

Thanks for reading!

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