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What to expect from a Volunteer Day at Sholing Valley Study Centre?

If you would like to see what volunteering at Sholing Valley Study Centre is all about we encourage you join us for one of our upcoming Volunteer Days. This is your chance to visit your local nature reserve and help us to cultivate the area whilst learning about the local wildlife.

We understand that doing something new and meeting new people can be daunting that's why we always start our Volunteer days with an opportunity to engage with each other over an informal tea or coffee (and sometimes cake). This gives volunteers the opportunity to get comfortable in the space and ask any questions about the day that they may have.

Once we've got to know each other a little, we will do a safety briefing where we discuss what we are doing today and ensure that everyone is safe and protected, before they are assigned jobs to do.

Then the jobs to begin...

What to expect?

As we are a local nature reserve, we require extra pairs of hands to help us to manage our outdoor areas. This means that our volunteers should expect to be outdoors for the duration of the day, and may be subject to all types of weather conditions.

We have jobs for all people, ages and activity levels. When joining us you could be doing activities such as;

  • Measuring biodiversity

  • Plant identification surveys

  • Insect identification surveys

  • Clearing shrubs and overgrowth

  • Path maintenance and repair

  • Planting trees

  • Planting plants and shrubs

  • Rebuilding structures

  • Post repairs

What to bring?

Because our volunteer days are outdoors we would encourage that all participants bring appropriate clothing so that they can be comfortable outdoors for a few hours at a time. It is also likely that volunteers will be working with nature, so all clothing should be expected to get dirty!

If you have any further questions or would like to get involved with one of our upcoming Volunteer Days then please contact us.

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