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Volunteer Days

Bi-monthly volunteer days dedicated to conservation activities at Millers Pond Local Nature Reserve

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About Volunteer Days

The reserve is conserved and protected by local volunteers. We would not be able to manage without your help. Each month we host volunteer days to complete essential conservation tasks. 

Tasks vary seasonally, but these are some examples:

- Path widening. During the summer, pathways can become overgrown.
- Litter picking. The less litter there is the less likely people are to drop it!
- Invasive species removal. Sadly, there are some plants that are not welcome. We have to do our best to prevent them from overgrowing.
- Culvert clearing. Making sure the two streams leading to the pond don’t get blocked up.

- Coppicing. Managing the growth of the copse in the grasslands.

All are welcome, and equipment is provided. Simply show up! There are always a range of different tasks available to suit different levels of experience, comfort and ability.

Next sessions

Volunteer days are held twice a month (excluding August and December)

  • The last Sunday of each month, 10am - 3pm. Lunch is provided.

  • The last Friday of each month, 10 am - 3pm. Please bring your own lunch.

As all our activities are volunteer-run, there may be changes depending on volunteer availability. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

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